Why Offsite Manufacturing

The use of offsite manufacturing is a well proven approach with 30 years implementation around the world. There are significant productivity gains that can be made by building bathrooms and prefabricating steel wall frames and floor cassettes in a factory environment.


A $50M hotel to be constructed over 18 months with P&G of 10% would generate a 25% reduction in programme, saving $1.25M

Modular construction / offsite manufacture’s greatest benefit is improving ‘velocity of capital’ and in turn return on investment. We utilise BIM modelling to front load the design process. This means the design works in concert with other aspects of the build.

Based on an 80 - 100 room hotel development overall programme can be reduced on average by up to 25%, this is where the majority of your financial saving will occur.

reduce programme


A controlled factory environment will always produce better and more consistent quality outcomes.

There is no need to remedy quality issues on site, which can cost $500 on average per bathroom as well as time delays. The bathrooms are already checked and approved at the factory.

Sapone Bathroom Cropped v3


A bathroom typically accounts for 8-10% of the capital cost but requires on average 30% of onsite effort to manage up to seven subcontractors.

Offsite manufacture means you’re dealing with fewer subcontractors. There is also less risk regarding the competency and punctuality of these contractors especially in a resource scarce marketplace. With manufacture taking place offsite there is also reduced scope for health and safety incidents.

Factory Inspection


You’re purchasing from one contractor, under one warranty with one set of compliance documentation.

There will be fewer deliveries to site. Our clients experience up to 90% less vehicle movements onsite with a substantial reduction in waste management.

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Products & Solutions

sapone inset


In Europe and America, developers’ preference is modular construction.

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Cold form 

Cold form steel has proven itself in the commercial building industry in the US and Europe for more than 70 years.

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