In Europe and America, developers’ preference is modular construction.

Utilising off site manufactured bathrooms in apartments, office buildings, hotels and retirement homes is the preferred construction method in many parts of the world with smart developers and mid to high density residential developers due to the considerable advantages it offers.

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Smart developers and mid to high density residential developers have recognised the commercial advantage of building repeated designs in a factory environment.

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  • Streamlined Project Management with a single point of contact from design to installation
  • Cost savings over traditional on-site build and installation
  • Reduced Waste and on site material requirements
  • Cost Certainty
  • Reduced requirement for skilled labour and supervision on site
  • Rapid Installation so faster construction programmes for accelerated occupation
  • Superior Finish and Build Quality


Saponé Bathrooms are produced concurrently rather than sequentially as with traditional on-site bathroom construction, saving up to 20% on the overall project’s timeline.



Throughout the production process, we test and certify all bathrooms before shrink wrapping and delivering them to the project site. This process creates uniformity and helps prevent costly delays and chargebacks.


With a completed high quality product delivered on-site and on schedule, ready to plug and play, Saponé pre-built bathrooms keep construction projects ahead of the critical path and in the end, increase the project’s bottom line while reducing overall risk.

More control in the factory.

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Our engineers and designers work closely with the client’s architect and consultants to ensure that the client’s requirements are accurately represented in detailed BIM models.

Precision modelling and manufacture

Each bathroom is created using BIM modelling software that communicates the critical parameters of the bathroom’s structural panels to a CNC machining centre which fabricates each element to exacting specifications.

Strict Quality Control

The bathroom units are manufactured in sequence and pass through a number of stages during which operations and quality are strictly controlled.

Fully decorated and fitted out

Completed to our clients’ specifications with all sanitary ware, tiling, shower screens, plumbing, electrical connections, mirrors, right down to the toilet roll holder.

Fully compliant

Save further time and cost by removing the need for onsite regulatory compliance inspections. All bathrooms are fully tested, certified and provided with the following compliance documentation.

Less complexity on the site

less complexity on the site

Easily transported

Our revolutionary monocoque wall construction enables us to build bathrooms that are extremely rigid with negligible deflection properties, critical attributes for transporting the product to site.

Sit directly on the slab

The bathroom walls and ceilings are made from solid structural timber panels, whilst the floor incorporates our own ultra thin patented flooring system that unlike other manufacturers precludes the need for a rebate to be constructed into the building platform. Our bathroom simply sits directly on top of the slab.

Delivered reticulated for power and water

Provided at pre-determined locations to enable ‘plug and play’ connections to be made by onsite contractors.

Less risk of delay

Your project won’t be held up by one subcontractor in the supply chain not completing his programmed works.


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Construction Components is proud to be the first offsite manufacturing company to gain CodeMark™ certification in Australasia.

CodeMark™ is a statutory certification scheme that provides an unchallengeable form of product assurance, which is an invaluable consenting tool.

Building Consent Authorities (BCA) must accept a product certificate as evidence of compliance to the New Zealand Building Code. The Ministry of Business (MBIE) classifies a CodeMark™ product to be a building or construction method, building design or a building material.

Saponé bathroom modules gained CodeMark™ in order to:

  • Introduce greater rigour into the design process.
  • Enhance the manufacture process to improve productivity and product quality.
  • Provide consent certainty to our clients, the BCA’s role changes from being a technical evaluation to an administrative function.

CodeMark™ is beneficial to manufacturers and suppliers of innovative products that are being presented to the market as it provides product assurance within the industry.

View Sapone Codemark Certificate (pdf)

Frequently asked questions

Can you manufacture a custom shape of layout?

Yes. Our bathrooms are 100% custom manufactured and can be tailored to suit virtually any design, installation and functional requirement.

Do I need to change the construction process to accommodate a Saponé Bathrooms?

Changes, if any, are minimal. We require room to insert the bathroom.

How much notice do you need?

The earlier we are involved with a project, the better, however we can be included as late as three months before the bathrooms are required. Although the suggestions we make are often minor, they can make a big difference towards reducing overall construction times.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Experience shows that the most benefit comes when projects have 10 bathrooms or more. Minimising the number of bathroom types is critical to achieving maximum savings.

Can I choose my own colours, finishes and fittings?

Absolutely. You are never limited to choosing from a catalogue of interior elements. You have the freedom to select any colour, fitting and finish you desire.

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